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How to choose a right agency?

After complete the study abroad plan, some of the students will choose to apply for the universities by theirselves, or ask for Chinese friends' help; and some of the students will choose an agency. Now CUCAS will explain you the pros and cons of these application methods, and tell you how to find a rightful agency, how to save your money, and how to ensure your success.

1. Firstly, if you want to apply by yourself, or by your friend

The understanding of Chinese education & Chinese language will be required. That's because most of the admission officers in Chinese universities do not speak English. And due to their lack of patience, lots of unnecessary trouble will be added when you are collecting the information, filling the application form and even track the application progress. Surely, some international universities in China do not have these problems.

It is a good choice for you to ask a Chinese friend to help you with the application, but please think about whether your friend is familiar with your target school or city.

2. Secondly, if you want to apply through a local agent, please be aware the following questions

  • Legality: To select an agency, you need to understand the legality of the agency. CUCAS suggests that you can search for the name of agency on the internet, or directly inquire at the Chinese university with the legality.

  • Coverage: China has 600 higher education institutions that have been approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to admit international students. In selecting the agent, CUCAS suggests you that a legal & large organization will be a good choice, in order to obtain the most comprehensive study plan and advice.

  • Costs: The fees are important. Normally, an agent charges USD 50 -150 (depending on the services provided), and no hidden costs. CUCAS suggests you to search and compare on the internet.

  • Services: A general agent will provide services including: set up your study abroad plan, answer your questions to help you apply, send your admission notice, book your accommodation, pick you up at the airport, guide you to apply for the visa, etc. CUCAS suggests you search on the internet or make inquiries before paying the agency fees.

3.Be cautious of being cheated

Here we list what the international students may encounter fraud when apply through an agency.

  • Some agents do not have any agreements with Chinese universities in enrolling students. Your application will not get any guarantee and also cost you much more.

  • Some agents have fewer authorizations from universities, so that they will lead you to their institutions which are not suitable for you.

  • Whether there is hidden cost, e.g. some agents' fees are not high at first, but they will hide your admission notice and ask for more money.

  • Some agents even design their website just the same as the university's official site, and claim they are official, so as to defraud the students' trust.

NB: CUCAS reminds you be cautious of education agents or untrustworthy websites. For any help please contact

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