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Can I apply for a program on CUCAS if I have not yet received my graduate certificate and transcript?

Most Chinese universities require international students to provide the graduate certificates and academic transcripts of their highest education. If you are graduating soon but have not yet received the graduate certificate and final academic transcript, your application can be submitted with the following documents:

  • 1)A certification of expected graduation provided by your current school.

  • 2)Current academic transcript.

  • 3)Other application materials required, e.g. letter of recommedation, certificate of HSK, etc.

Once you have uploaded the application materials and submitted the application on CUCAS, you will receive an important email on how to access and track the progress of your application. The university will carefully consider your application. Some universities will give you a conditional offer if you are qualified and some universities will make the decision once your final grades and graduate certificates are available. Normally, the requirements must be fulfilled prior to enrolling in the program.

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