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How do I receive the result?

Once you're accepted, you will first receive an e-mail notification and then receive the admission package by postal mail in 4 to 8 weeks. This may seems like an unneccessarily long time, but please understand that the university has to prepare the JW202 form for you, which requires at least 2 weeks time. The university will send you a document packet containing:

  • 1) Letter of acceptance from the university (Admission Notice)
  • 2) Original JW202  form (the official form for a foreign student’s visa application)

You need to take both of these documents to your nearest Chinese consulate or embassy to apply for a Chinese student visa (X-visa or L-visa). Therefore, if you haven't received your JW202 form within a week or two of your departure date, you must contact the school or CUCAS. You may have to enter China on a tourist visa and convert it to a student visa upon arrival.

Admission Notice delivery time

  • 1) If you apply for a degree program, you will receive your admission package in 5-8 weeks.
  • 2) If you apply for a long-term non-degree program (over six months), you will recieve the package in 3-4 weeks.
  • 3) If you apply for a short-term non-degree program (less than six months), the school may not send the package to you. You don't need offical documents from the university to apply your Tourist Visa (L Visa) or Business Visa (F Visa).

E-mail notifications

Once you submit your application on CUCAS, CUCAS will send you several email notifications to make sure you understand the application progress. Generally, when your application status changes, you will receive the following emails:

  • 1) Application Processing
  • 2) Your application needs to be modified
  • 3) Application Accepted
  • 4) Acceptance Letter Sent

Be sure to add to your address book or safe sender list so that our emails don’t get sent to your junk mail.

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