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How to withdraw funds?

CUCAS Money Transfer Service is provided by CUCAS, aiming at easing troubles for international students in terms of paying their tuition fee, accommodation fee and living expenses. Our service contains:

1. Funds Upload Service: Overseas students could upload funds to their personal CUCAS account (unlimited transaction available).
2. Funds Withdrawal Service: Overseas students could transfer money from personal CUCAS account to bank account opened in China, or withdraw cash directly (unlimited transaction available).

How to withdraw funds from your personal CUCAS account?


Step 1: Login to your CUCAS account


Step 2: Enter Money Transfer Service section


Step 3: Click "Withdrawal" button on the right column


Step 4: Input the amount of withdrawal and also the withdrawal password


Step 5: Choose a withdrawal method


Step 6: Withdrawal request completed, CUCAS will verify and then complete the withdrawal.

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