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How to register for the HSK test

Currently, there are three ways to register for the HSK test.

On-line registration

Click here to go to the "on-line registration" page

Register on the spot

  • When registering in person, candidates must bring two recent 30 x 40 mm photos (without headwear) and present one piece of photo identification, such as a passport or a residence permit.
  • After registering, every candidate will get an admission ticket and a handbook about the HSK. Candidates should arrive at the site before the time specified on your admission ticket.

Register by mail

Candidates living where there are no local test centers may register by mail. Applications must be sent to the test center by registered mail at least one week before the final registration deadline and enclose a photocopy of an official piece of identification, a resume (including Chinese and English names, sex, nationality, and date of birth), a detailed mail address, and two recent 30 x 40 mm photos (without headwear). In addition, fees for the test and registration must be sent to the registration site by mail. Telephone registration is not accepted. The admission ticket will be given to the candidate in person upon his or her arrival at the testing site.

Test fees required at registration

For those who take HSK tests in Mainland China

Tests  Fees ( in RMB)
 HSK Threshold 200
 HSK Basic 200
 HSK Elementary-Intermediate 250
 HSK Advanced 400
 HSK Elementary 
(revised version)
 Main Test 200
Writting 100
 Oral Test 100
 HSK Intermediate 
(revised version)
Main Test  250
 Writting 100
 Oral Test 150
 HSK Advanced 
(revised version)
 Main Test 350
Writting 100
 Oral Test 150

 (Fees for candidates in foreign countries or ethnic minorities will be announced by each test center.)

Fees for the test and registration are non-refundable.

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