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How do I prepare the Physical Examination Record?

Physical Examination Record: Only students applying for an X (student) visa need to submit the physical examination record. Generally, you will only need an X visa if you study in China for more than six months.

NB: Students do not need to submit a Physical Examination Record with their application to a Chinese university. Rather, you will need to submit it to the Chinese embassy when you are applying for your student visa. You must bring the original documents with you when you come to China, so that you won't have to re-do the physical examination in China. The physical exam must be taken within six months of applying for your student visa, otherwise the results will no longer be considered valid. If you apply for your visa more than six months after taking the exam, you will have to re-do it.

You can download the form from our website here. Take the form to a public hospital in your country, undergo a physical examination and have a doctor complete the form. On the last page of the form, the hospital must affix its official seal along with the student's photograph

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