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How to deal with declined applications?

CUCAS will help international students by transferring their application to other universities if their applications are declined. Following are CUCAS' rules for transfer.

  • 1. Once you submitted documents to CUCAS, we will start the application review process for you, CUCAS will only offer you the opportunity to transfer your application to another university when your application was declined by previous university. Each applicant for same application can be offered opportunity for transfer only once, applicant need to pay price difference between two universities(If any).
  • 2. If you have paid application fee and service but haven't provided any documents yet, you can request for transfer, but after we help you changed university, you cannot transfer your application to another university unless you give it up and submit new application.

Refund Conditions

1. If you meet the following requirements, CUCAS will refund all your application fees and the CUCAS service fee.

  • ·Your application was failed due to CUCAS' incorrect and out-of-date information.
  • ·Your application wasn't processed in time due to CUCAS' mistakes.
  • ·Other mistakes caused by CUCAS.

2. If you meet the following requirements, CUCAS will refund the CUCAS service fee.

  • ·The university you applied cannot continue providing service due to cause of force majeure or temporary policy changes.

CUCAS cannot refund you the fees for reasons not mentioned in above.

Refund Time: Please be noted that after you submitted your application for refund and got approved, it will take about 2 months before you can get the refund.

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