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Why do we provide low service fee?

Few can believe that CUCAS service fee is very low. Compared with the local agents, which charge hundreds of dollars or even thousands,CUCAS charges a minimum service fee of $50. For details, please check CUCAS Application Service We are very pleased to show you how CUCAS operates to dispel your concerns.

  • 1) Lower operation costs. As a company in China, our operation costs, such as rent, salaries, and school communication costs, etc, are much lower than overseas corporations.
  • 2) Digitized application process. Due to the nature of our online application process, CUCAS saves a lot of manpower and financial resources; our database of academic programs and schools is completely online. Of course, after submitting the application, schools’ admission officers will go over the application materials and submit the results through the online system. This entire process is digitized and saves a large amount of natural resources as well.
  • 3) Supports from the Chinese universities & local government. Fees received from Chinese universities: In return for this fee, we provide schools with information regarding the status of international students studying abroad in China, school recommendations, program applications, and online application management. See the authorization documents>>
  • 4) Experienced staffs. Every year, CUCAS deals with thousands of applications. Our staffs are highly experienced in the international application. They are familiar with the universities’ programs, admission requirements, and special policies. They can solve student’s problem in a short time. Higher efficiency means lower costs.
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